A physical therapist helps people of all ages move, decrease pain, increase function and prevent further injury. Physical therapists can even help prevent mobility loss before it occurs! At Kids Being Kids, our physical therapists work to facilitate important skills while a child is developing to increase daily independence and prevent further disability – so kids can enjoy their lives to the fullest. If you have any questions about your child's movement or physical development or would like to learn more about our services, please reach out to us!

When should I seek a physical therapy evaluation for my child?

Kids develop at their own pace, but there is a natural progression for mastering gross motor skills. Missing those marks does not necessarily mean your child has a disorder! However, the skills below have been placed in a delayed age bracket so they should be expected by that time. If not, consider an evaluation. 

By 2 Months
• Begins to push up on tummy
• Starts making deliberate movements with arms and legs
• Starts to bear weight on forearms or hands

By 4 Months
• Holds head upright
• Brings both feet to mouth for play
• Grabs feet while lying on back

By 6 Months
• Sits up
• Rocks on hands and knees
• Rolls over

By 9 Months
• Creeps, crawls, scoots
• Pushes up on arms

By 18 Months to 2 Years
• Walks, runs
• Walks backward
• Kneels on both knees
• Climbs stairs
• Kicks a ball
• Throws a ball

By 3-4 Years
• Alternates feet going up and down stairs
• Jumps 2 feet
• Stands on one foot for 3-5 seconds
• Stands on tip-toes for 3-5 seconds
• Jumps down from object that is 2 feet high
• Jumps over a small hurdle

By 5-6 Years
• Skips
• Does somersaults
• Performs basic dance moves
• Catches a ball with two hands

By 7-8 Years
• Rides bike without training wheels

By 9-12 Years
• Uses more coordinated, refined movements for play/sports